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Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding South East London

Fantastic Floor Sanding Services in Floor Sanding South East London



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Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding South East London



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Great Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding South East London


One feature has stood the test of time in all kinds of properties - splendid and modest. The natural wooden floor - practical, durable and beautiful - continues to enhance the home, shop and office; restaurant, cafe and bar; school, museum and gallery.


When you have a valuable asset that can improve with age, make sure they stay looking at their best. When the wear from feet and careless use has resulted in a shabby look, marks or more serious damage, the solution lies in floor sanding and resealing from a specialist company.

Floor Sanding Southeast London SE21 are your choice for all wooden floor repair and restoration.

Use our experience of having restored hundreds of floors over the past twenty years.  We’ll bring your floor back to life with whatever it requires: the repair or replacement of damaged timber; sanding away old sealant and paint; staining for a change of colour to match your decor; resealing with fresh natural oil, hard wax or lacquer.



Experts in Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding South East London


Whether your floor is composed of hardwood boards or parquet blocks, you can move away from the traditional shiny and polished look. A bright modern look, such as the pale wash of grey or Scandinavian white, is perfect for a kitchen or open plan property.

As for dust and disruption, our machines have a collection system that ensures the job will be virtually dust free. And flexible working - at weekends or even overnight - will minimise disruption to your business or domestic schedule.

So call us today for your free assessment SE16. Our full qualified staff will give you the best advice and finish your floor to the highest level of workmanship with only top-quality materials.



Floor Sanding South East London SE7 - for all your flooring needs.



Choosing the right sander for a pine floor

A pine floor can look particularly beautiful after floor sanding and finishing, thanks to the distinctive grain and knots in the wood. But, beware - pine floorboards are more difficult to sand than their hardwood counterparts. If you approach the job in the same way as you would sanding oak flooring, then you're going to be in for a shock - aggressive sanding will leave your pine floor with visible gashes and scratches that you can never get rid of. 

So gently, gently is the way forward, but what's the best floor sanding equipment for the job?

Fantastic Floor Sanding Services in Floor Sanding South East LondonForget the belt

Unless you have brand new pine boards that need quickly levelling, a belt sander is just too aggressive for sanding antique pine floorboards. The vigorous action of a belt sander could destroy older and more fragile pine boards by gouging and scratching them.

What about a disk sander?

Disk sanders are gentler than belt sanders, making them the smart choice for edging your pine floor. However, make sure you use the newest equipment available, as older disk sanders can leave circular chatter marks on your floorboards that can be impossible to remove.

Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding South East LondonInto orbit

A handheld orbital sander is by far the gentlest sanding option, but also the most labour intensive. These sanders remove less material in one go than the other options and need to be moved slowly and gently across the floor, as if you were vacuuming. However, this has the advantage of allowing you to precisely control the movement of the sander, to minimise any potential damage. Choose a handheld model for edging and an upright orbital sander for the main area of your floor. 

Beat the drum

Drum sanders are the most easily available of the large floor sanders and do a great job at stripping away the old finish quickly and easily. Don't be scared of using a drum sander on pine floors, as this is the quickest method for getting the job done. 

Make sure you hire dust-free sanding equipment and never switch the sander on when it's in direct contact with the floor - always tilt the sander, hit the on switch and then gently bring the sandpaper into contact with the floor. Keep moving and you'll have the job done quickly and professionally.

What's the verdict?

If you have a large area of pine flooring that you want to sand, hire a drum sander and use with care. Otherwise, take your time and opt for orbital sanding as the least aggressive option.


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Despite the spread of the railways and suburbia, south east London still retains many notable buildings away from the railway arches and rows of terraced houses.

Charlton House of 1607 is possible the best Jacobean house in London, its rich red brick enclosing a panelled hall. The chapel at Morden College in Blackheath - built for distressed merchants in 1694 - has rich wooden box pews, pulpit and sounding board.   

Over in Eltham, the great hall of the Palace retains a splendid Tudor hammerbeam roof. The main palace itself was rebuilt by the Courtauld family in the 1930s - in luxurious art deco style.

Down in Croydon, the Bishop’s Palace has a magnificent roof, while one can peer into the 1590s at the Whitgift Almshouses, still standing among the bustle of 21st century retail. 

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